Bernie Sanders loses New Hampshire lead to Clinton

Bernie Sanders loses New Hampshire lead to Clinton

Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.


After more than two months of chatter of the GOP debates, the Democratic candidates finally got their turn in the debate limelight. Anyone watching the first Democratic debate on Tuesday easily picked up on the fact that former Sen.

At a nature preserve, Clinton spoke to a nighttime audience that included many African Americans and Hispanics – key constituencies for the former secretary of state and former New York senator.

Clinton has always been a favorite of Texas Democrats, who supported her over Barack Obama in the state’s 2008 Democratic primary.

In the new survey, Vice President Biden, who hasn’t decided whether to run, was at 11%. In recent days, more reliable surveys have shown Clinton as the winner.

The focus group conducted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz, as well as those focus groups conducted by CNN and Fusion, all say they favored Sanders. Clinton shook Sanders’ hand and thanked him. But, Sanders seemed to do more to pander to his core supporters than work to attract a new wave of followers. 71% of Democrats look forward to the next debate, which will take place on November 14th in Iowa. Bernie Sanders, who said the United States “should not be the country that has the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country”.

Sanders comes in second at 31 percent, followed by Biden at 10 percent.

Nonetheless, Biden is showing signs that he could make an eleventh-hour bid for the nomination. If he does decide to run, a top aide says he’ll do it ” from the heart”. But Clinton appears to have picked up the support of a number of undecided voters, increasing her support from 44% to 52%.

During the first Democrat Party presidential debate, socialist Senator Sen. Considering the democratic debate and keeping in mind how the Republican candidates like Trump, Christie and Rubio presented themselves, the Democrats are winning.

A new poll of New Hampshire likely Democratic voters, from Suffolk University and the Boston Globe, was also released Friday, with very similar results.


Backstage in Vegas, a sixth metal and glass lectern stood bubble-wrapped but at the ready, loaded onto a handcart, just in case you-know-who showed up to debate. She had nearly $33 million in the bank as of September 30, the final day of the fundraising quarter, more than any other candidate in either party.

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