Hong Kong’s Guotai Junan group revenue grows 37.4% in 2015

Hong Kong’s Guotai Junan group revenue grows 37.4% in 2015


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Hong Kong’s Guotai Junan International Holdings posted a consolidated revenue increase of 37.4% to HKD 2.3 billion in 2015, according to its latest annual financial report. A year earlier, the holding company’s consolidated revenue exceeded HKD 1.6 billion. 

Nearly HKD 720 million of the revenue was generated from brokerage services last year, or up 43.5%. The majority of these, or HKD 628.8 million, were from securities broking services. The brokerage segment engages in the provision of securities, futures, options and leveraged foreign exchange dealing and broking as well as insurance brokerage services to customers. An overview of the group’s revenue generated from brokerage services follows:

Guotai Junan 2015

Guotai Junan group’s profit exceeded HKD 1.0 billion in 2015, jumping 26.6% from a year earlier. The significant positive movement was the result of the good financial performance of the Group’s brokerage and margin financing businesses which in 2015 recognized significant growth of 44% and 68% respectively.

The group’s assets exceeded HKD 7.6 billion at the end of 2015, compared to about HKD 7.1 billion a year earlier.

Meanwhile, the clients of the group’s brokerage units opened 23,000 new accounts in 2015. The group’s broking subsidiaries saw their consolidated average daily turnover on the Hong Kong stock market growing more than 70% last year.

In comparison, Japanese broker Rakuten Securities posted a revenue of nearly JPY 50.4 billion in 2015, up 16% on the year; while its operating income jumped more than 17% over the year to more than JPY 22.7 billion. Meanwhile, FXCM and Gain Capital, US’ largest forex brokers in terms of trading volume had revenues in 2015 of $67.0 million amd $435.4 million, respectively.

Hong Kong-based Guotai Junan International Holdings is an investment holding company and its subsidiaries are engaged in brokerage, loans and financing, corporate finance, asset management, investment holding and market making.

Its two main units are Guotai Junan Holdings Ltd., incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and China-incorporated Guotai Junan Securities Company Ltd.

Source: Guotai Junan International Holdings

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