MetaQuotes launches MT5 build 1325 with hedging, testing on real ticks, allows account migration from MT4

MetaQuotes launches MT5 build 1325 with hedging, testing on real ticks, allows account migration from MT4

Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.


MetaQuotes Software launched a new build of its popular MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform, which now allows hedging and testing on real ticks. The MT build 1325 comes a month after the software company released an MT5 beta build 1281, which introduced the netting model to trade exchange instruments and the hedging model for currency trading on the MT5, but it was only for testing purposes.

With the new MT5 build now users can use one account to trade the markets that adhere to the netting systems and allow having only one position per instrument and use another account to trade forex by applying hedging. According to the MetaQuotes, the new MT5 system is much similar to that of its other vastly popular trading platform – MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and it should look fairly familiar to users. The MT5 platform, however, has some advantages such as filling orders using multiple deals (including partial fills), multicurrency and multithreaded tester with support for MQL5 Cloud Network.

The demo hedging account is available through a simplified account creation dialogue by only providing basic data, selecting trading parameters such as account type, deposit and leverage and ticking the hedging box.


The new build of MT5 has also added a new trade operation type for hedging accounts – Close By. It allows closing two oppositely directed positions at a single symbol. If the opposite positions have different numbers of lots, only one order of the two remains open. Its volume will be equal to the difference of lots of the closed positions, while the position direction and open price will match (by volume) the greater of the closed positions. In this way traders will be able to save one spread, instead of paying it twice in the single closure.


Besides the hedging support, the new version of the MT5 allows users to migrate accounts from MT4. The transfer is automatic and includes all operations, open and pending orders and complete trading history.


The new MT5 also has a chat option to communicate with other traders and the members of the

MetaQuotes also introduced the position ticket – a unique number usually matching the ticket of an order used to open the position. It is assigned automatically to all available positions.

The new MT5 version also features the ability to test trading robots and technical indicators in real tick history, which is as close to real trading conditions as possible. The ticks are obtained from exchanges and liquidity providers.

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