TradingView allows applying an indicator to another one, bans duplicate accounts

TradingView allows applying an indicator to another one, bans duplicate accounts

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TradingView, a popular charting tool, trading platform and social network, introduced a new feature, which allows users to apply an indicator not only to price data, but to another indicator as well.

According to TradingView’s blog, such feature is rare and mostly appears in desktop applications of major trading platforms. The new option, however, expands the possibilities for new technical analysis and trading opportunities.

The new functionality also works on user-generated Pine scripts.

Not all indicators, however, can be calculated based on another indicator due to various technical reasons, so only the ones that work are available in the indicator list.

The feature is available to all users and holders of Pro, Pro+ and Premium have an unlimited amount.

The new feature is available in two ways:

– By pressing the “+” icon next to the indicator’s name and selecting a new one from the list


By adding a new indicator from the list, going to “Format”, opening the “Source” list and selecting the source of the other indicators


The new feature is the latest improvement of TradingView’s platform and charting tools, which come out on a regular basis. Most recently the company introduced pine-based variables and alerts to several chart types.

Meanwhile, in another blog post TradingView warned that registering duplicate accounts is strictly forbidden. “Recently our system caught a number of members actively using duplicate accounts to artificially inflate the reputation score of their original accounts through follows, likes and comments,” the company noted and said duplicate accounts will be permanently banned. The original accounts will also be banned for substantial period. Those who used duplicate accounts to artificially inflate their reputation score, will also be penalized by “sizable corrections to their reputation scores”. “This practice is given extra attention to ensure that members who use fake accounts to obtain an improper advantage will not succeed,” TradingView said.

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