TradingView limits ads on charts with Signature Field feature

TradingView limits ads on charts with Signature Field feature

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TradingView, an online charting tool and a trading platform in one, said on Monday it has introduced a feature called Signature Field, which is taking all reference to and advertisement of third-party products away from trading charts. The platform has set new criteria for what can be promoted in the charting area and how.

The new feature adds an option to not display on the chart field third-party notifications not relevant to trading. Instead, the chart field will be used for chart purposes only, such as title, description, body, etc.

“The guideline on references to third-party products was not always properly followed or understood, resulting in substantial abuse,” TradingView said in a notice.

Platform users can, through their user profiles, set the Signature Field and see all promotions announcements, marketing texts and external links exclusively in the field without having their trading experience interrupted. Traders have a one-week period in which to set their signature, after which all published notices will be moderated to reflect the updated House Rules.

Following is the new text of the House Rules:
“No advertisements, logos, websites, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, company names or any kind of announcements are allowed on the chart, idea title, idea description, comment or idea status updates. Some references are allowed in the Signature section, which can be edited in the Profile Settings and appears under every published idea. For small announcements you can use the Status in your profile, which updates all of your followers.”

TrdingView users who have nothing to promote can use the Signature Field to create a personal signature or a general disclaimer.

TradingView is a web-based platform that uses HTML5 charts and work on all browsers and operating systems. It provides free access to data about a wide range of trading instruments, among which forex, Bitcoin, stocks, futures, all major indices, and contracts for difference (CFDs). The platform features customizable charts, basic and advanced ones alike, as well as more than 50 drawing tools that can be used for understanding and analyzing the financial markets.

In May 2016, the platform started offering live trading in forex and contracts for difference (CFDs), with Forex Capital Markets, or FXCM, as the first supported broker. Recently, the platform also added trading in stocks to its offering via US equities broker DriveWealth. TradingView also launched beta testing trading through Canada-based forex broker Oanda.

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