Orchard launches data partner program for loan originators

Orchard launches data partner program for loan originators

Orchard Platform, a provider of data and technology to the marketplace lending industry, said on Monday it has launched a data partner program for loan originators. The service includes loan data from a range of leading online lenders and unbiased third-party validation of the internal consistency and quality of the data.

The new program is part of the Orchard for Originators product suite. It tracks more than $33 billion on loan originations.

Originators qualifying to be included in the Orchard data partner program can analyze and compare their loan performance to that of peers, as well as to share their data with new and existing investors. The program offers quality control checks, both on  summary level and detailed loan level.

On one hand, originators can be sure that their data is complete and verified, while on the other hand investors gain access to consistent and standardized datasets.

“The ability to seamlessly access standardized loan-level data from originators through Orchard can support investors’ ability to seek to transact more efficiently,” said Carlos Nogueira, investment team member at VanEck Associates Corporation, an Orchard investor partner. “We are big supporters of online lending and are pleased to see the ecosystem mature in a robust manner that provides enhanced disclosure and insights,” he added.

US-based Orchard Platform offers solutions that aim to standardize data shared between investors and loan originators. Its products enable end-to-end marketplace support covering Investor Awareness, data-driven Market Insights and seamless Data Management.

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