Forex platform Darwinex launches major overhaul in upcoming weeks

Forex platform Darwinex launches major overhaul in upcoming weeks

Darwinex, the FCA-regulated social forex broker and trading platform, announced in a blog post it is preparing a major overhaul in the upcoming weeks.

The revamp, dubbed “Darwinex reloaded” is based mostly on client requests and comments. It will include a number of new features and improvements of the existing ones.

For investors, Darwinex will reduce the Value at Risk (VaR) for Darwins to either 5% or 10% and will overhaul its risk management engine that will incorporate the lessons learned in the past 12 months. The company is also planning to introduce limit orders (take profit and stop loss on Darwins), add more features and introduce fundamental changes to the portfolio concept.

For traders Darwinex promises new assets (CFDs and futures), new trading interfaces, including APIs & compatibility with other mainstream charting platforms than MT4.

The algos will also be overhauled in the coming months. Thus the investable attributes will be calculated on a trade by trade basis (as opposed to end of day). Darwinex will also improve its risk management engine in order to avoid future issues that arose during the Swiss franc drama of 2015 and this year’s GBP Flash Crash. There will also be instant upgrades to available information.

With the overhaul Darwinex will take steps towards becoming the “Darwin Exchange” and this means the Levels will disappear, but the investable attributes will not disappear. Instead, the latter will be valued by individual users as they see fit. The company will preserve the intellectual property of the traders on their strategy, but will offer tools so users can create their own assessment criteria, including personal score.

Last but not least, Darwinex will overhaul the entire site to make the user experience more intuitive, less intimidating for new users and more sophisticated for sophisticated users.

Darwinex was set up in 2012 as TradeSlide and was operating as a regulated investment adviser. In the spring of 2014, however, it overhauled its platform, obtained a broker license from UK’s regulator FCA and rebranded itself as Darwinex.

The social platform of the broker allows users to upload data on their performance and strategies, which are evaluated through a set of criteria and if deemed eligible, turned into “Darwins” – trading strategies which can be followed by investors.

Within a year from its obtaining a forex broker license, Darwinex has turned profitable, however modestly.

Recently Darwinex launched its mobile investor app for Android.

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