Match-Trade launches feed of real time forex, CFD prices for forex brokers

Match-Trade launches feed of real time forex, CFD prices for forex brokers


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Match-Trade Technologies, a California-based fully integrated forex technology company announced the launch of Match-Trade (M-TT) Ultra-Fast Data Feed – a real time tick by tick forex and CFD data comprising real executable prices aggregated from real market participants, delivered directly to forex brokers.

According to the company, the new product will provides forex market participants with fast and reliable sources of forex and CFD prices, lower barriers to market entry, reduce trading costs and improve trading transparency.

M-TT Ultra-Fast Data Feed directly streams pricing from an internal ECN market, and from various institutional and retail market participants, thus making forex brokers independent of big banks pricing policies. The streams are available in two formats – via FIX and the MT4 Unifeeder protocol. They are not subject to price filtering and delivered to customers all available prices without any delay.

The most important features of M-T Ultra-Fast Data Feed:

  • Low latency Data Feeds for FX and CFD instruments
  • Data feeds available via FIX or MT4 unifeeder protocol
  • FIX Data Feeds with five levels of Market Depth
  • Unique source of prices from internal ECN market
  • Broad range of instruments
  • B-Book Execution based on Market Depth

The M-TT Ultra-Fast Data Feed is available for all Match-Trade clients, but can also be bought for external clients and servers.

Match-Trade Technologies offers customizable solutions for small and medium sized forex brokers, such as hosting services, MT4 white label solutions, bridge aggregating technology and risk management system for A Book and B Book brokers.

The company also offers a matching engine technology that can be used by all types of forex market players who wish to create an anonymous independent venue, not skewed in favor of liquidity providers. The technology enables seamless execution of trades between various market participants and build additional liquidity. It can handle over 50 000 transactions per second and supports direct orders matching between the market participants and free MetaTrader 4 FIX bridge for institutional clients.

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