MetaQuotes enhances MetaTrader 5 with custom graphics

MetaQuotes enhances MetaTrader 5 with custom graphics

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MetaQuotes, the developer of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) multi-asset trading platform, has introduced improvements to the MQL5 language of the platform, mainly affecting its graphics, the software company said last week.

The platform has been added a CopyTicksRange function, which receives ticks in the MqlTick format within the specified date range to ticks_array. Indexing goes from the past to the present meaning that a tick with the index 0 is the oldest one in the array.

The platform now offers description of the graphical library to the MQL5 Reference. The graphics library contains classes and global functions for quick plotting of custom charts. It allows for the use of ready-made solutions for create histograms, distributions, line graphs, and others.

In addition, MetaQuotes has added to MT5 identifiers of the state of system keys to the list of constants of Client Terminal Properties. A call to  TerminalInfoInteger(TERMINAL_KEYSTATE_XXX) returns the same state code of a key as the GetKeyState() function in MSDN.

Meanwhile, support for casting of string type to bool has been disabled. Users need to use explicit conditions if they want to check strings.

MT5 also has added improved anti-aliasing functions to CCanvas class:

  • CircleWu (draws a circle using Wu’s anti-aliasing algorithm)
  • EllipseWu (draws an ellipse based on two points using Wu’s anti-aliasing algorithm)
  • LineWu (draws a segment of a freehand line using Wu’s anti-aliasing algorithm)
  • PolygonWu (draws a polygon using Wu’s anti-aliasing algorithm)
  • PolylineWu (draws a polyline using Wu’s anti-aliasing algorithm)
  • TriangleWu (draws a triangle using Wu’s anti-aliasing algorithm)

MT5 is a successor of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the most widely-used forex trading platform worldwide. It has support for trading in forex, contracts for difference (CFDs), options, futures, equities, and stocks. Access to these markets is available via a single trading account via a web browser, desktop or mobile device.

Recently, MetaQuotes expressed its intentions to stop issuing updates to the MT4 as it seeks to focus entirely on the MT5. Indeed, in the past few weeks the developer has not made any enhancements to the MT4, while adding new functions to the MT5 on a regular basis.

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