PFSOFT enters Brazilian market with Protrader-based brokerage solution

PFSOFT enters Brazilian market with Protrader-based brokerage solution

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Fintech developer PFSOFT said on Thursday it has entered the Brazilian market in partnership with BM&F Bovespa, one of the largest local exchanges, and will offer hosted brokerage solution to local brokers based on its Protrader trading platform. As a result, the company will enable clients to place orders on the Brazilian exchange.

To Brazilian market tailor-made solution required PFSOFT to take certain measures to adjust its business model to fit into the local ecosystem, which led to the integration of Protrader platform to BM&F Bovespa.

“One of the biggest challenges in Brazil was specificity of organization of trading business in this country. After one year of close cooperation with the local team, we prepared a tailored hosted solution that fully meets Brazilian traders’ needs,” said Roman Nalivayko, global head of business development at PFSOFT. “Based on initial interest from brokers and traders we expect that in few years Protrader may become a standard platform on the Brazilian market,” he added.

The company has set up a Brazilian branch office in Sao Paulo, where BM&F Bovespa is based, which will also offer execution on Bovespa exchange for international clients and will run a local tech support for brokers and traders. It is operated by PFSOFT LATAM, the fintech’s Brazilian unit.

The presence of an office will make it easier and faster for Brazilian brokers to adopt Protrader. Two brokers – CM Capital Markets CCTVM and Rico CTVM SA, have already been attracted as regional partners.

“The most recent result of PFSOFT LATAM’s presence in Brazil was acquisition of two brokers as regional partners. CM Capital Markets CCTVM and Rico CTVM S.A. are going to provide access to equities, options and futures listed on BM&F Bovespa through Protrader solution,” Christiano Ricardo Santos, CEO at PFSOFT LATAM, said. “They will use PFSOFT LATAM’s infrastructure, to offer their clients a top quality brokerage services with Protrader’s cutting-edge front end suite. That makes them well positioned for winning an additional market share from their competitors in close future,” the company head added.

PFSOFT has launched a website for Protrader in Brazil.
PFSOFT has launched a website for Protrader in Brazil.

Potrader is a multi-asset trading platform with multi-broker connectivity, available to both retail and institutional traders. It is available in desktop, mobile, and web-based versions. The platform features a wide selection of tools for multi-asset trading, including forex, equities, futures, contracts for difference (CFDs), options and spread betting. It is used by brokerages, white label and technology providers, local marketplaces, and now by funds and proprietary trading companies.

Poland-based PFSOFT is a provider of professional trading technology and solutions to brokers, banks, and exchanges. In addition to Protrader, it is also the developer of Protrader Multi-Connect (PTMC), a trading platform for forex and contracts for difference (CFDs). The software company serves clients from across the world, including in North America, Australia, Asia, Great Britain, Poland, and South Africa.

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