Apple now accepts Dash as valid payment currency

Apple now accepts Dash as valid payment currency

Tech giant Apple has approved the cryptocurrency Dash as a payment method in its App Store, announced Dash.

This means Dash, currently the 6-th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, can be integrated and utilized in any relevant application in the iOS App Store, including multi-blockchain wallets and Dash’s own official wallet. So far Apple has been denying entry to the App store of applications integrating Dash.

“As Dash continues to expand our user base and ecosystem of services, it is critical for our users to have access to their Dash funds on a variety of platforms, especially mobile devices”, said CEO of Dash Core Ryan Taylor. According to him Apple is in a difficult position trying to look out for the safety of its users by safeguarding them from less reputable applications.

“Now that Dash is an Apple-approved digital currency, we are able to offer our users an officially endorsed wallet option”, Taylor said. “Our users can confidently use Dash wallets that are maintained, officially supported, and known to be safe. Apple has shown a willingness to allow worthy digital currencies into their platform, but that requires an incredible amount of due diligence on their part.”

Apple is known for its general dislike for cryptocurrencies, with some exceptions for Bitcoin applications. Last year the company integrated the Bitcoin wallet of Circle Pay in its revamped iMessage chat app with then-new iPhone7.

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