ranks among top 1000 investing sites in the world ranks among top 1000 investing sites in the world

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top ranking is ranking among the 1000 best sites in the finance and investing category, shows recent data of the digital market intelligence company SimilarWeb.

The main focus of the site, established in 2008, is on forex, CFD and binary options brokers reviews, regulation and news on the forex trading industry, as well as reviews of forex and binary options trading tools, platforms and robots. Currently the site is expanding its scope towards digital currencies and more specifically on cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers in order to reach even wider audience.


Recently the visitor numbers have been growing steadily, reaching an all-time record of 250 000 unique visitors in September 2017, shows SimilarWeb’s data analysis. Considering the specialization of, this is a rather impressive number. Judging by the continuing upward trend, is poised to rise further and rank among the most popular finance and investing sites.

The traffic data analysis shows that the largest share of readers of comes from most of the largest already established and emerging retail forex markets: UK, US, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia. The majority of visitors, quite logically, are interested in finance, investing and trading.

Naturally, the most popular topics among’s readers are “forex”, “trading”, “forex broker” and “forex trading”.

In terms of traffic sources, the most (nearly 80%) of it comes from search (100% organic), followed by direct traffic (almost 13%) and referrals. Interestingly, some traffic also comes from e-mail referrals, which suggests that some people somewhere are still sending e-mails with links to other people.

Furthermore, the SimilarWeb data shows that it has overtaken some of its main competitors in the field, like LeapRate, which is posting a continuous decline in the rankings. surpasses it in terms of almost all important metrics, such as average visit duration, pages per visit and bounce rate. In September the number of unique visitors on is almost 3.5 times higher than that of LeapRate.

similarweb1 ranks better than several other competitors, as well. For example, it is way ahead of another similar site:, again in terms of overall ranking and average visit duration. Likewise, surpasses and Both of them are more geared towards the emerging forex markets in South Eastern Asia.

SimilarWeb is a digital market intelligence company founded in 2007. It offers several software solutions, allowing site admins to becnhmark against their competitors, reveal competitors’ analytics and online strategies, identify new trends. Its tools are being used by major sites like eBay, Google, AirBnB,, Microsoft, etc.

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