Wannas Casino review (2023)

Wannas Casino review (2023)

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Wannas is a peculiar online casino, which we believe is a pretty bad place to bet. To be clear, the issue here is not that Wannas is not safe, since it is licensed. Rather, the house fails to compete with what the rest of the egaming industry can offer you nowadays. There are barely over 100 games you can play in total, for instance. That is due to the fact the casino has only managed to partner with a single game supplier.

More issues arise from its payments policies too. The casino has its own crypto token, called Wannas, and each of these is worth $1. However, there are fees when cashing in or out of these tokens. Casinos do not charge anything like that normally, and the size of some of these additional taxes is absurd, to put it a bit bluntly.

When it comes to bonuses, don’t expect any from this house. It has a weird referral system instead, but that does not even come close to what is available at better casinos. All of these issues are made worse by the fact that Wannas does some interesting things too. It hosts its own forum where players can meet and talk, and it has a focus on the social aspects of a gambling house which are often ignored by its peers.

So, at the end of the day, is this casino irredeemable? Or are there certain players that could have fun here? Let’s find out, by going over everything you need to know about the house:


As we said, there are no traditional bonuses with this casino. Normally, we expect to see either a Welcome bonus, or an entire package of such bonuses, which award you for cashing in. There are usually regular deposit bonuses, available on specific days of the week and incentivizing you to cash in with Free Spins, Bonus money or other perks.

Bonuses are a great way for a casino to stand out, but it seems like Wannas is content not taking this opportunity. It offers a weird Referral Scheme instead of any promotion. According to this scheme, you can introduce people to the casino and make some money every time they win. The percentage you can get is 0.2%. Next, when these people introduce their own referrals, you can get another 0.2%. These “level 2” referrals can then bring their own friends, granting you another 0.2% of their bets. In total, you stand to gain about 0.6% of the bets all of these people make, but getting them to sign up and verify their accounts is a hassle. We much rather prefer a regular deposit bonus to this complicated scheme. Wannas also claims that you can make a 0.4% commission on every one of your own bets too.

Other than the complex scheme we just laid out, there are a couple of Tournaments for Baccarat which you can take part in. The conditions of these are not mentioned anywhere on the website of the casino, but we assume that the rules are as follows: Wager the least and win the most in every round of the Tournament to qualify for the prize. The prizes are between $300 and $300 000. We have no clue on how they are paid out, or if they are bound by some additional rules that Wannas has neglected to mention, though. Overall, these Tournaments are not only not bonuses in the traditional sense of the word, but are also pretty poorly described.


Probably the only thing this casino does right is its regulation. Here is what it has to say on the important topic of who it is licensed with:

The house claims to have been regulated by Gaming Curacao, one of the four bodies in a small Caribbean nation which has become the heart of the egaming industry. That is because the four bodies there have managed to expertly balance the interests of players and casino operators, without stifling innovation and without neglecting safety.

But how can we know that the casino is actually licensed as it claims to be? Well, it is pretty simple to check, as Gaming Curacao requires every holder of a license with it to implement a Digital seal on their website. We were able to find the seal right above the paragraph we just showed you – here is what it looks like:

It is the button to the left, with the green tick. Clicking it opens another page in your browser, taking you to the register of Gaming Curacao, and showing you the following license:

This is the license for the casino operator which Wannas claims to be run by. It confirms that said operator is regulated, and that the domain the casino can be found at is actually connected to it. Overall, this is undeniable proof that we are dealing with a licensed casino. But why is that so important? Well, there are certain protections you can expect from license holders, and we will briefly cover what these are:

  • Casinos normally collect tons of personal information on their players. There is no other way to comply with Know your customer and Anti-money laundering policies. However, the data which is gathered on you is very sensitive, and it falling into the wrong hands would be pretty harmful. That is why Gaming Curacao and most regulators these days have specific guidelines in place about how this information is to be stored. Some of the strongest encryption protocols which are available nowadays are employed. Successful hacker attacks against casinos and data leaks from them are therefore reduced to a minimum.
  • Secondly, the regulatory bodies nowadays place a lot of importance on the fairness of the games you can play themselves. Said games need to be audited, and that is done by independent professionals, selected by the regulators. What they do is to go over the random number generators used in the games to determine the outcome of every bet. That way, they can tell what amount of money the player can be expected to keep when they are wagering. This is the RTP percentage you commonly see for slots and other games online. Wannas in particular has two certificates from different test labs, which are visible in the screenshot where we showed you its Digital seal.
  • Thirdly, the mental heath of every player is also an important facet of the regulatory policies casinos comply with. They need to provide a wealth of resources on what problem gambling can look like and what to do if you have developed such tendencies. Next, there are self-exclusion options which are also available upon request by the player. These options can be quite varied, but most casinos allow for the ability to set custom deposit limits, as well as opt in to time out warnings. The most serious measure available to players is the ability to close down your account. All of these wishes of players need to be respected by casinos, which will otherwise be held accountable by their regulators.

These are just some of the policies which licensed casinos like this one have to comply with. We greatly prefer them over their unregulated counterparts, and would recommend an underwhelming casino like Wannas that is regulated over a good one which is not.

We would also like to mention that the website of the house is available in a great deal of languages:

Languages: English, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish;

Of course, as part of regulatory measures, the services of Wannas are also banned in several jurisdictions. Here is a list of the countries from where you won’t be able to sign up.

Restricted Countries: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Costa Rica, France, Malta, Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St Martin, United States;

Deposit and Withdrawal

The payment policies with this casino are very unreasonable. In our view, it is subpar, because of the fact that it requires your account to be in its own cryptocurrency. There is no good reason for that, and it feels like a silly gimmick, or worse, and excuse for Wannas to charge deposit and withdrawal fees.

Either way, cashing in with the casino can be done in a decent variety of ways. From credit cards to crypto, there are tons of payment methods and currencies it accepts. Here is what both of these are:

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit Card$20$700Instant7.5%
MiFinity$10$2500InstantFees possible!
SticPay$1$10000InstantFees possible!
BankUnspecifiedUnspecifiedInstantFees possible!
CryptoUnspecifiedUnspecifiedInstantFees possible!

Currencies: US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Chinese Yuan (CNY), British Pound Sterling (GBP), Indian Rupee (INR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Norwegian Krone (NOK), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Russian Ruble (RUB), Swedish Krona (SEK), South African Rand (ZAR), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Ethereum (ETH)

We would like to note that some of these methods of deposit might not be available in your jurisdiction. For instance, credit card deposits to casinos are banned in certain countries, like the UK. Other than that, the minimum deposit requirements are wildly different for every method of deposit. They are not too high, which is good, and the maximum you can cash out is decent too.

Now, we’d like to show you the clause in the Terms and Conditions of the casino which outlines its fees:

It says that every deposit and withdrawal is eligible for fees, except if you are transferring the house currency between players. The fees are mentioned only for credit cards, but they are astonishingly high. Depositing to Wannas using a credit card carries a 7.5% fee! There is not a single justifiable reason why a casino would even charge you for deposits these days, much less why it would slap you with such a monstrous tax. Not to mention there are also third party charges, by your payment provider. These are normally covered by the player, but in this case adding up them and the fees by Wannas means you will have a lot less money to play with than what you have deposited.

Let’s also take a look into the withdrawal conditions:

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit Card$20UnspecifiedUnspecified7.5%
MiFinity$20UnspecifiedUnspecifiedFees possible!
SticPay$20UnspecifiedUnspecifiedFees possible!
Bank$20UnspecifiedUnspecifiedFees possible!
Crypto$20UnspecifiedUnspecifiedFees possible

Before you can withdraw at all, most casinos require you to clear a certain wagering requirement. Usually, it is between 1x and 3x your deposits. This is a common AML policy, but there is no information if Wannas apples it.

The minimum withdrawal amount for any of the methods above is $20, which is quite reasonable. Most casinos use this amount as well when it comes to determining how much is the least their clients need to cash out. Sadly, we have no information on the maximum withdrawal amount. There’s no mention on how long it takes to process such requests either, which is pretty unreasonable. Without an explicit mention in the Terms of the casino we cannot speculate what amount of time that will take. However, it should not be more than 3 days, because that is about as much as other houses require you to wait at most.

But, without a doubt, the worst part about the withdrawal policies of Wannas is the fact it still charges players fees for any of them. Once again, only the fee for credit card transfers is listed. And once again, it is absurdly high, sitting at 7.5%!

There is no information about whether Wannas charges an inactivity fee or not. But given how high its other fees are, we certainly hope it doesn’t!

Games and Game Suppliers

Normally, casinos have thousands of games and partner with between 50 and 100 Game Providers. Some houses manage to get even more than 100 developers on board and have incredibly vast libraries of games.

So, when we noticed that Wannas had only one game supplier mentioned on its website, called Ethereal, we felt pretty disappointed by the casino. It cannot deliver on this front either! Here are the games you can play with it:

Slots: There are only ten games in this category in total, and they are a far cry from player favorites like Big Bass Bonanza, Book of Dead, Wolf’s Gold and other beloved games. The slots are Gold Fortune, Zeus Mega Link, Gold Mine: Dual and so on.

Table Games: There are barely any games in this category. A couple of Baccarat tables, several Blackjack games and a few Roulettes. There is no Poker, which is an enormous missed opportunity, because the game is a synonym for casino gaming. The games can be played with live dealers, and there are no virtual tables avaialble.

There is nothing more to the catalog of Wannas. There are no Crash games and there are no Game Shows. Weirdly enough, a section of the casino is supposed to be dedicated to the latter, but clicking it does nothing.


We strongly believe that you should stay away from this casino. Even though it is licensed and that is great, it has nothing else to offer. From its ridiculous deposit and withdrawal fees, to its lack of games and bonuses, we just don’t see why you would bother with Wannas. Playing here is a waste of time, when there are tons of better houses which can give you way more, in every aspect of their services. Check out the recommended casinos at the top of our article if you are wondering where to look for them – every one of them is miles ahead of Wannas!

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