Florida Student Wears Blackface for Nicki Minaj Costume

Florida Student Wears Blackface for Nicki Minaj Costume

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And this year that includes a whole lot of Kanye and Nicki Minaj – and continued controversy over the unfortunate American tradition of blackface. This morning, an apparent student from Florida posted photos of herself dressed up as “Nicki Minaj” on Twitter. After the photo went viral, Morrow and his wife apologized for the “error in judgement”.

The young girl apologized before deleting her account. Unsurprisingly, her insensitive costume took the internet by storm, and she was soon vilified by fellow Twitter users as many threatened to report her to her high school, as well as her prospective college, University of Florida.

“I sincerely apologize for my actions”, she tweeted on Tuesday. However, many were baffled that she would even consider donning blackface. Next, let me tell you what your costume racism does.

For anyone else that doesn’t get why it’s a big deal, remember the cautionary tale of Julianne Hough’s 2013 Halloween costume. However, the tweets to the university seem to be continuing to pour in despite the removal of the “offensive” photographs.

That message ended up being prophetic, as the pictures were blasted so thoroughly Ms. Johns had to make her account private, and eventually deleted it – leaving Twitter altogether.

It’s that time of the year again, when white people pull out their racist and unfunny costumes for Halloween.


Your costumes – blackface, fake grills, sombreros and headdresses – directly feed the historical mandate that our cultures, our very skin, our art and our heritage exist to be bought and consumed for entertainment. A school principal and her coach husband were attacked after they posted a picture of their “People of Walmart” costume, which seemed to mock welfare recipients. Should a costume choice be able to ruin your chances of gaining admittance to a university or result in disciplinary action at work if the costume was worn outside of the business?

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