Forex ECN FastMatch posts record trading volumes in January 2016

Forex ECN FastMatch posts record trading volumes in January 2016

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The electronic communication network (ECN) platform for forex trading FastMatch posted record trading volumes in January 2016, shows official data released by the company on February 1.

The average daily volume (ADV) for the period reached $11.8 billion, which is by 25% more than in December 2015. It is the first time the ADV of FastMatch passed the $10 billion benchmark since December 2014. Year-on-year, FastMatch posted a 37.2% increase in trading volumes.

The total trading volume of FastMatch in January 2016 reached a little over $236.7 billion.A

FastMatch is jointly owned by the retail forex broker FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) and the banks Credit Suisse and BNY Mellon. It runs three matching engines from three data centres – in New York, London and Tokyo and provides quotes and trade information in real time.

Each of the matching engines acts as a separate ECN and emits its own market data, trades and midpoint values and does not re-route customers’ orders to a matching engine in another region, unless the customer has explicitly requested it.

FastMatch serves institutions, hedge funds, banks, retail brokers and proprietary trading firms in the US and Europe.

In September 2015 FastMatch announced the introduction of fully disclosed trading at a new low cost and allowed the customers of its three matching engines to trade directly with each other on a fully disclosed basis for only $1 per million USD notional per side.

In an attempt to gain a larger market share and catch up with its larger competitors – FXall, EBS and Hotspot FX, recently FastMatch announced it will introduce further fee reductions on the anonymous ECN. As of March 1 its clients will be paying $1.5 per million of notional volume. The clients who are trading more than $ 2 billion of notional ADV will be trading for free on all volume above $ 3 billion notional ADV.

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