OptionsCity software developer releases new version of its Metro trading platform

OptionsCity software developer releases new version of its Metro trading platform


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The financial technology company OptionsCity released the 6.1 version of its Metro electronic trading platform. It is aimed at the professional options traders and enables them to have full control over their activities.

The Metro 6.1 version offers enhanced user experience and better server reliability and performance: improved data processing, support for the CME trading platforms Market Segment Gateways and Drop Copy 4.0. The new Metro includes market data aggregation that combines data and positions in products across multiple exchanges and provides implemented volatility curve dimension for additional modeling functionality.

Here are more details of the improvements and the new features of OptionsCity’s Metro 6.1:

Order Ticket 6_1_Order_Ticket_2

  • Larger font size in both price and quantity fields
  • Compacted grid and relocated total greeks to save space
  • Order Type based display for Stop and Market orders
  • Redesigned date/time in force chooser
  • Ability to route orders to a Freeway algorithm
  • Revamped mini ticket when Options disabled



Virtual Market Data Provider 6_1_VMDP

  • Market Data
    • Use a single instrument to monitor data from multiple products
    • Aggregated Volume across instruments
    • Best of values for market data statistics such as High and Low
  • Order Routing
    • Virtual instrument automatically selects exchange with best bid or offer and highest quantity when prices are equal
    • Order automatically entered in the exchange listed instrument
  • Integrated Functionality
    • Virtual instrument acts like any other instrument in Metro
    • Can be used as an underlying for theoretical pricing
    • Can be used in an mission type, allowing users to run a single mission across multiple exchanges


Trade Sheets New_Tradesheet_6.1

  • Trade Sheets font size has been addressed to allow more flexibility and adapt to high density resolution screens
  • Configuration will allow for spinners to be side by side rather than top and bottom to increase the size of the buttons




OptionsCity offers two main sets of products: Metro and City. The first one includes Metro NOW, which can be customized with widgets from the City Store; Risk Command Center; and the Freeway server-based platform for custom automated trading strategies.

The City suite consists of two products: CityTrader – a cloud-based trading platform for trading of futures and options on futures and the CityAPI – software for real-time market data for the futures and options on futures markets.

Earlier this year the online futures broker DAW trading and the commodity futures broker Optimus Futures made available OptionsCity’s CityTrader platform to their clients.

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