Japanese forex brokers’ trading volumes up to JPY 594 tr in Feb 2016

Japanese forex brokers’ trading volumes up to JPY 594 tr in Feb 2016

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Japanese forex brokers’ trading volumes from retail over-the-counter (OTC) operations reached a combined JPY 594 trillion in February 2016, posting a monthly increase of 11.8% and a growth of 30.4% over the year, according to data published on Monday by the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ).

The on-exchange forex trading volumes of all brokers in Japan went up by a monthly 2.0% to nearly JPY 4.9 trillion in February. The figure represents an increase of more than 54% on an annual basis.

FFAJ Japan Feb 2016

Meanwhile, the combined trading volumes of binary options brokers decreased by 16.8% over the month to close to JPY 51.7 billion last month. However, if compared to the same period a year earlier, the figure represents a growth of more than 21%. FFAJ Japan Feb 2016

The FFAJ said it received reports for February from 53 brokers and eight binary options brokers.

The total volume of open forex trading positions declined by a monthly JPY 505.2 billion in February. More information about Japanese forex brokers’ open positions follows (in hundred million Japanese yens):

FFAJ Japan Feb 2016 open positions

The USD/JPY continued to be the most traded currency pair in Japan. Forex brokers’ combined volume from trading in the currency pair exceeded JPY 564 trillion in February, or up 13.9% on the month, while the volume of trading in binary options on the USD/JPY was down 2.5% to JPY 29.1 billion.

Japan is among the world’s most dynamic and active forex markets. All Japanese forex brokers that have posted their monthly trading activities for last month reported at least a double-digit monthly growth.

Monex Group said its forex trading volume from global operations increased by a monthly 13% to $42.9 billionin February. On the other hand, GMO Click Securities and FX Prime by GMO Corp., both part of Japanese group GMO Click Group, saw their February trading volumes going up by 17% to JPY 144.3 trillion and by 32% to JPY 16.8 trillion, respectively.

Meanwhile, Money Partners Group, also based in Japan, reported a trading volume of 96.3 billion in account base currencies. The broker did not provide a volume converted into a single currency, neither comparative figures.

Source: FFAJ

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