Hotspot FX’ trading volume continues to fall in April 2016

Hotspot FX’ trading volume continues to fall in April 2016

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Institutional forex broker Hotspot FX, part of BATS Global Markets, generated a monthly trading volume of $537.4 billion in April, 2016, down from $586.6 billion a month earlier, according to data published on the broker’s website. This is the second noticeable decline after February 2016, when the broker posted the highest trading volume since March the previous year.

Hotspot FX April 2016
Hotspot FX’s daily trading volume for April by day (in USD millions)

On an yearly basis, Hotspot FX’s trading volume dropped 14% in April.

The highest daily trading volume last month of $33.2 billion was registered on 7 April, while the lowest value of $19.5 billion was posted on 15 April.

Hotspot FX is the first institutional Electronic Communication Network (ECN) broker. Its clients include banks, hedge funds, high frequency traders, corporate and commodity trading advisers.

BATS Global Markets is a US-based operator of exchanges and services for financial market. It is headquartered in Kansas City and has offices in New York, London, Chicago and Singapore. The company owns four US equities exchanges – BZXBYXEDGXEDGA, one European equities exchange – Bats Europe, one US options exchange – Bats Options, in addition to Hotspot FX, which it acquired in January 2015.

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