Trading platform MultiCharts displays bulk data into ASCII code

Trading platform MultiCharts displays bulk data into ASCII code

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Financial software developer MultiCharts said on Tuesday it has released a new build (10.0 Beta 1) of its mono-branded multi-asset trading platform, which allows bulk data export for multiple symbols into ASCII format, which marks the numerical representation of a character. The developer has also introduced a new option to the Power Language Editor that allows the comparison of source codes upon importing a study with open source code.

MultiCharts has added a number of other enhancement to the platform. It said it intends to release a Beta 2 version in the near future, but provided no details as to what to expect. Following are some of the newly-added features of MultiCharts:

  • Support for 4K resolution – In addition to Windows 10, the platform now supports 4K resolution and retina quality charting that allow the crisp and clear display of large objects with different dots per inch settings.
  • New performance report metrics – the platform now displays annual return and annualized Sharpe ratio.
  • Emulated Stop and Stop-Limit orders – users can switch between native and emulated Stop and Stop-Limit orders for both automated and manual trading. The feature requires real-time data subscription from brokers.
  • Int64 – “Int64″ data type is now supported.
  • 1/10000000 Price Scale – seven-decimal places price precision is now available to support the Japanese Yen futures and South Korean Won forex pairs trading.
  • Pause/Resume Optimization – the optimization progress settings now provide the ability to Pause/Resume the optimization procedure to free CPU resources.
  • New design – the platform inherits Windows 10 style so all the objects and icons have been re-designed and improved.
  • Compare source code – Power Language Editor now has the new option “Compare source code” upon importing a study with open source code.
  • Signal inputs – signal inputs are now displayed in the Strategy Performance Report window.
  • Copy multiple symbols – It is now possible to copy multiple symbols from the MultiCharts Scanner window and paste them into the Portfolio Trader (or vice versa).

Some other slight visual and performance improvements have been made to the MultiCharts platform. For a full list, please click here.

In addition to its self-branded trading platform, MultiCharts also offers Multicharts Trader Workstation (TWS), MultiCharts .Net, and MCFX designed especially for forex trading. Its platforms are available to users in nearly 40 countries across the globe. Among the most noted forex brokers that support the platform are Interactive Brokers, Oanda, and LMax Echange.

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