Cross-Stratum Coin – a charity-centered cryptocurrency to be launched in 2017

Cross-Stratum Coin – a charity-centered cryptocurrency to be launched in 2017

Cross-Stratum Mutual Community Asia (CSMC), a UK based financial technology company is planning to release a new cryptocurrency – the Cross-Stratum Coin (CSC).

According to the company statement, the main difference between CSC and all other altcoins is that it will be generating donations to global charities while it is being traded. To be more precise, the developer will be donating the trading fees and commissions on CSC.

The global delivery plan will be carried out by means of a global assistance movement with a Malaysian foundation as a key platform and partner of CSMC Asia. The Cross-Stratum Coin will be available for trading on the platform Yayasan CSMC Asia.

“It has been a long and anticipated plan for us at CSMC Asia to want to partake in the cryptocurrency market. It came across to us that in order for one (coin) to eventually successfully sustain and create value, a huge user-base is of paramount importance and what can be better than creating (its value and user-base) via a charitable movement like Pay-It-Forward,” commented CSMC Asia’s spokesman. “We expect the CSC to take the market by storm when it is launched.”

Much like the majority of other cryptocurrencies on the market, the Cross-Stratum Coin is based on a decentralized structure, collective maintenance, transparency, anonymity and speed. The cryptocurrency will be kept in secure electronic wallets available for the major operating systems – desktop and mobile. It is expected that the CSC will launch in the first quarter of 2017.

According to Coinmarketcap, as of August 10, there are 689 cryptocurrencies. The market is dominated by the Bitcoin, which holds about 79.5% of it (in value).

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