PledgeMe rewards users for referring companies that could use crowdfunding but don’t

PledgeMe rewards users for referring companies that could use crowdfunding but don’t

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PledgeMe, a New Zealand-based crowdfunding platform, has launched PledgeMe.Friends, a friends-powered referral system which rewards users who convince companies to use the platform.

“Great campaigns are already coming through our doors – but we know there are so many more awesome campaigns out there that just don’t know what they don’t know,”  PledgeMe co-founder Anna Guenther said in a post published on the platform’s  blog. “They might be so deep in the delivery of the work that is in front of them, that they haven’t had time to think about raising money to expand, or time to learn more about crowdfunding.”

The idea behind the new feature is that there might be a company in need for financing for a campaign, but that hasn’t launched a crowdfunding campaign. Users can refer companies and get a reward for this if the campaign takes place and turns successful.

“If you are the first person to shoulder tap a company to run a campaign, and they end up running a successful campaign, we’ll give you a $500 success fee (either direct to you or pledged towards the campaign for you). The campaign needs to meet its goal by its deadline, and it needs to raise more than $50,000,” Guenther said in the post.

According to the blog post, here is what a successful campaign would look like:

  • Something that has been around for a little while (eg. people have seen the work the creators are doing)
  • A great crowd around the company or organisation – be it customers or friends
  • Great communication – they should pride themselves on being awesome at communicating with their crowd
  • A plan (or ability to create a great plan) – something that a crowd can get on board to make happen

PledgeMe users should firs fill in a form with their referral and send it for review. If they are the first person to recommend that company, they’ll get a notice and possible be asked for an intro of the company’s campaign. Furthermore, the referee could help the campaign by supporting  and sharing.

PledgeMe combines project, equity and lending crowdfunding in a single platform. It has helped for the funding of more than 1,000 campaigns.  it is one of seven crowdfunding platforms licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of New Zealand.

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