Italy’s CONSOB warns of TixFX, Gettoption, Profit4Trade

Italy’s CONSOB warns of TixFX, Gettoption, Profit4Trade


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Italy’s financial regulator CONSOB has updated its warning list of companies who are not authorized to provide investment services in Italy in any way, including through websites.

First on the list appear Tix Group Ltd. and Jedi Marketing Ltd. who, according to CONSOB are providing financial services through the website According to the website, Tix Group owns the forex brokerage TixFX offers trading in forex, CFDs and precious metals. The company has a registration at the offshore zone St. Vincent and the Grenadines and explicitly notes it does not offer its services to countries in the European Economic Area (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

It is not clear what is the involvement of Jedi Marketing Ltd. in this business, but it appears on UK’s company registry as a company with a London address, registered in the beginning of 2016.

Next in CONSOB’s warning appears the company Gettoption, which owns an eponymous binary options broker. The company provides two addresses in London, but a quick check in FCA’s Financial Services Register reveals that no company of this name holds a financial services license.

The third entry on the warning list is for Global Reach Ltd, operating the forex and binary options brokerage Profit4Trade. According to its website, the company is based in Dubai, but it does not appear on the Dubai International Finance Centre list of registered companies.

Curiously, the fourth entry on CONSOB’s list is a Polish recycling company – Recyclix.

It seems that all three forex and binary options brokers are new kids on the block, as CONSOB is the first regulator to warn about them.


  1. I wish to report misconduct of tbroker tixfx.
    The following email sent to carry tixfx which of course was not answered
    thank you

    Damian good day
    As happened to other forum users I have been contacted by aldo dates who acted as illustrated by other people.
    The chronology of events is:
    1. Initial payment
    2. some positive steps
    3. requests for new deposits
    4. still some positive steps
    5. requests for new deposits
    6. opening of three operations on the oil at the same time that have cleared the bill

      in this way, without differentiating the investment, it is very likely, but meanwhile the money is mine.
    I inform you that I shall report in every possible website and report the matter to any competent authority.
    Of course TIXFX does not come out well from these events.
    I wish to report misconduct of tbroker tixfx.
    The following email sent to carry tixfx which of course was not answered
    thank you

  2. Profit4Trade is disappeared in ten days . Telephone Number and mail address cancelled. No pissibility to contact them. Profit4Trade page has been removed from the web

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