US-based software group WHEN launches forex brokerage WHEN Trade

US-based software group WHEN launches forex brokerage WHEN Trade

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World Health Energy Holdings (WHEN) Inc., a New York-based diversified software developer, said on Monday it is launching WHEN Trade, a brand that the company refers to as being a trading platform for forex, futures and equity instruments, but what looks more like a brokerage service provider.The WHEN holding company calls WHEN Trade a platform, but as it seems from the new brand’s website it becomes clear that it acts as a broker.

“The WHEN Trade platform’s groundbreaking design and visual user interface makes the financial markets come alive in a way FOREX traders have never experienced before,” the software company said in a press release.

WHEN Trade employs the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform for desktops and mobile devices, in combination with Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol for application program interfaces (APIs) trading.

The broker offers three live account types – Mini (for beginners), Normal (fore more experienced traders), and ECN (for experienced trades using scalping strategies) with different trading conditions. In addition, a demo account for practice trading with virtual money is available. Overall, the broker offers moderate leverage of up to 300:1. Spreads, however are on the low side for ECN and Normal accounts, starting from 0.2 pips and 1.8 pips, respectively, but at the same time are surprisingly high for Mini accounts, starting from 3 pips.

Following are the three accounts available with WHEN Trade and their trading conditions:




Minimum deposit

$150 / €100 / CHF 150

$650 / €500 / CHF 650

$ 2,500 / €2,000 / CHF 2,500

Maximum deposit

$650 / €500 / CHF 650

$300,000 / €200,000 / CHF 300,000





Trade size

0.1 lot (10,000)

0.1 lot (10,000)

0.1 lot (10,000)

Dealing Spread

Fixed spread starting from 3 pips

Variable spread as low as 1.8 pips

Our tightest “raw bank” spreads – as low as 0.2 pips


Fixed $3.5 / 100,000 traded

In addition to trading, WHEN Trade also offers other services – issuance of loadable debit cards with balance of $1,000-$10,000; provision of high-yield 12-month banking investments in a “reputable” unnamed bank located in the Republic of Vanuatu; merchant processor solutions that enable merchant-clients to receive fast Internet payments. The broker also provides externally-managed account service in partnership with a company called Equinex Management (please note that it is not related to the renown Equinix holding company).

While some other brokers also offer additional services to supplement their core services, WHEN Trade seems to provide unclear and insufficient information regarding its other services. Coupled with the fact that it provides no information regarding regulation or licensing, we would advice you to be cautious when dealing with the broker.

Concerning liquidity, WHEN Trade says it uses “premier electronic interbank sources together with indirect liquidity from our nearly 60 banking relationships around the world”, but no specific banks  were named. Again, the broker provides no sufficient information.

Holding company WHEN Inc. presents itself as an energy, health, software and online banking company. It says it also owns another forex and stocks trading service provider, Online Trade, but the website it provides,, links to WHEN Trade’s website.

In mid-2015, the holding company acquired financial software provider FSC Solutions Inc. ( In addition, Global Natural Energy (GNE), a biotechnology company that develops algae-related software, is also part of the WHEN group of companies.

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