Red Hat implements AtlasFX’s currency risk management platform

Red Hat implements AtlasFX’s currency risk management platform

Red Hat, a major provider of open source software, announced it is implementing the AtlasFX currency and commodities risk management and analytics platform in order to optimize and advance their forex hedging strategy and improve month-end closing times.

atlas-fx-redhatAccording to the company announcement, the transaction currency detail and cross-currency analytics modules of AtlasFX enabled Red Hat’s treasury and risk team have been able to analyze their hedge performance and optimize the hedging forecast and strategy.

“We originally leveraged technology that only brought us half way. The entire analytical piece of the puzzle was missing,” says Emily Howard, treasury risk manager at Red Hat.  “Now with AtlasFX, we get to see the full picture. Not only can we easily see where all our exposures are, but we can make the right decisions and know exactly where all of our FX gains and losses are coming from.”

AtlasFX was founded in 2010 and provides tools for visualization, analysis and optimization of forex and commodities hedging strategies. Its services are mostly aimed at large corporations operating with high volumes of different currencies. Among AtlasFX’s clients are Starbucks, HP, Electronic Arts, Dolby Laboratories, etc.

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