AMarkets says 62% of clients came out successful from the US elections trading session

AMarkets says 62% of clients came out successful from the US elections trading session


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Offshore forex broker AMarkets said on Thursday full 62% of its clients successfully completed the trading session on the day of the US presidential elections and they following day when the results were announced.

During the 8-9 November period, the broker kept the order execution speed at an average below 100 milliseconds as a precarious measure.  Spreads for the EUR/USD pair did not exceed 1.8 points, the broker said, citing data from the MetaTrader 5 (M5) timeframe for the specified time interval.

Following is a chart with the profitability of one of Amarkets’s most profitable clients during the trading session under review as presented by the broker and based on customer data statement:


The US presidential elections took place on 8 November, 2016. Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected as the next US president and his controversial views brought uncertainty in the global political and economic environment. The elections caused deep volatility on the financial markets, presenting many profit opportunities, but also risks. During that time (8-9 November), the EUR/USD pair jumped up to 300 points, and then fell by 250 points.

AMarkets, incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, offers trading in forex, metals, commodities, and CFDs. It is among the top 20 forex brokers in Russia in terms of trading volume. In 2015, it had an average monthly trading volume of $2.1 billion and 3,200 clients.

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