Full 64% of FreshForex clients close November at a profit

Full 64% of FreshForex clients close November at a profit


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Offshore forex broker FreshForex said on Wednesday the majority, or 64%, of all trades executed in November by its clients were profitable. Nearly 39% of clients with deposits over $3,000 closed last month with profit.

The highest growth rate generated in November by a single investor was 623.65%. The client traded on WTI oil. Meanwhile, the most profitable single trade was $7,179.3 and was generated from trading 1.8 lots of short EUR/USD position for a period of about two weeks. The best trading result reached by trading on majors in November was $141,438.

In comparison, a month earlier 62% of traders were profitable and the highest profit increase was about 890%.

The largest loss in November amounted to $178,380 and was the result of investing in both major and exotic currency pairs. The worst trade created a loss of $9,388 and was from trading long #DAX30 position of 0.4 lots that was kept open for about three months.

Meanwhile, the most active FreshForex investor last month closed 2,044 trades in major pairs both with the use of several expert advisors (EAs) and manually.

FreshForex is a brand of Riston Capital, an investment company based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker offers online trading in forex and contracts for difference (CFDs) on metals, stocks, indices, and energy futures, as well as analytical, educational, and training services.

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