Alpari adds fund withdrawal through Visa, MasterCard option

Alpari adds fund withdrawal through Visa, MasterCard option

Alpari, the largest CFD and forex broker operating on the Russian market, announced it has added a new option for client fund withdrawal – via Visa and MasterCard cards.

According to the company announcement, through Visa the sum would be available immediately after the processing of the request and in 1-3 business days through MasterCard.

Additionally will be charged some processing fees and commissions. For Visa cards the service would cost EUR 2 for transfers in EUR and USD and 2.5% + RUB 35 for transfers in rubles.

For MasterCard the fee is 1.2% of the transferred sum + EUR 2 for EUR and USD and 2.5% + RUB 35 for transfers in rubles, respectively.

In order to provide this withdrawal option, Alpari also requires some additional documents. A scan or a photo of the card holder’s ID and a photo or a scan of the card. On the front side of the card must be visible card holder’s names, the name of the issuing bank, the card’s expiration date, the first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number (the rest can be hidden). On the back side of the card must be visible the card holder’s signature. The CVC2 / CVV2 security code must be hidden.

Alpari also notes that there are some additional conditions. One of them is that the withdrawal option is available only for cards owned by the holder of the trading account. The currencies available are EUR, USD and RUB. The maximum sum available in a single transfer is 2 000 EUR / 60 000 RUB and the maximum sums that can be withdrawn through one card within a month are 50 000 EUR / 2 000 000 RUB.

The withdrawal option is available only on credit cards issued by Russian or other non-European bank institutions.

Alpari has offices in Russia, Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, two offices in Mauritius, and the UAE. The group consists of Alpari-Broker (Russia), Alpari Ltd. (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Alpari International Ltd. (Mauritius), Alpari Ltd. (Belize), and Alpari Forex (Russia). The broker is licensed by the financial markets authorities of  Belize, United Arab Emirates and Belarus.

Recently the broker finally obtained its Russian forex license.

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