MT5 makes switching windows, changing price easier

MT5 makes switching windows, changing price easier


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Multi-asset trading platform MetaTrader 5 (MT5) has released some enhancements, enabling users to fast switch between windows and change price values with the mouse wheel, announced Russia-based MetaQuotes, the developer of the platform.

Below are all new additions to the MT5 platform:


  1. Fast switch between the ‘Toolbox’ and ‘Strategy Tester’ windows.
  2. New option allows editing prices and volumes of orders using the mouse wheel:
  3. Now, when you go to download mobile terminals, the list of your trade servers is remembered. Then, when you install MetaTrader on your iPhone or Android device, a ready list of servers will be shown to you. You can quickly connect to your existing trading accounts. The server of the currently connected account will be displayed first in the mobile terminal.
  4. Significantly reduced load on the terminal, created by invisible (minimized) charts and objects.
  5. Fixed occasional incorrect triggering of trailing stop levels.
  6. Fixed filtering of trades by symbol in the account trading history.
  7. Fixed display of the ‘Type’ field in the history of positions.
  8. Fixed presentation of the trading history in the form of positions.
  9. Fixed display of custom indicators whose drawing type is DRAW_COLOR_LINE, DRAW_COLOR_ZIGZAG and DRAW_COLOR_SECTION, in case CLR_NONE is used for the color.


  1. Fixed template typing using a constant pointer.
  2. Fixed control of access to private and protected class members.


  1. Fixed activation of limit orders on Exchange instruments, when the order trigger price is worse than the current market (the Buy price is higher than or the Sell price is lower than the market price).
  2. Removed restriction connected with testing of custom indicators having more than 64 input parameters.
  3. Added UI translation into Hindi.

MT5 is the successor of MT4, which is the worlds’ most widely-used forex trading platform.  It uses MQL5 programming language and allow automated trading via Expert Advisors (EAs). It is available as an application for desktop and mobile devices and features advanced charting package, trading and analysis tools, alerts, signals, and customizable indicators. The platform allows four types of order execution – Instant, Request, Market and Exchange.

Recently, MT5 has been gaining momentum as the number of brokers that adopt the platform has been growing weekly. Interest in the platform started growing after it was added a hedging capability in late March 2016. In addition, the platform developer has expressed intentions to stop issuing updates to the MT4 as it seeks to focus entirely on the MT5, which additionally contributed to the growing popularity of the MT5.

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