Japan’s forex trading volumes grow by double-digit in Oct-Dec 2016

Japan’s forex trading volumes grow by double-digit in Oct-Dec 2016

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The forex trading volume of brokers in Japan increased in October-December 2016 both on the over-the-counter (OTC) and on-exchange markets, the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) said on Wednesday.

Brokers’ domestic OTC forex volumes jumped by a quarterly 22.6% to more than JPY 1.4 quadrillion during the quarter. Nearly all contracts were traded on margin.

On-exchange traded forex from the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) generated a volume of nearly JPY 2 quadrillion, posting a growth of 14.4% over the quarter in October-December. Exchange-traded domestic volume exceeded JPY 1.3 quadrillion during the period under review. The figure represents an increase of 17.3% quarter-on-quarter. Meanwhile, overseas volumes jumped by 9.1% to JPY 686.6 trillion.

“The overall trading volume of On-exchange financial futures transactions and the over-the-counter financial futures transactions during this term remained steady because FX margin trading increased by 20% or more compared to the previous term,” the FFAJ said in a report.

Following is detailed information about the quarterly trading volume of forex brokers in Japan by geographical distribution:

Japan Q3 FY 2017 fx

In the October-December period, domestic forex futures generated the highest volume both on on-exchange and OTC markets.More details follow:

Japan Q3 FY 2017 fx instruments

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