Protrader enables intraday trading on margin for delivery-based securities

Protrader enables intraday trading on margin for delivery-based securities

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Trading software developer PFSOFT said it has added a new function to its trading platform Protrader, enabling users to perform margin and cash trading on the same instrument with use of the same account.

The new function can be enabled for any instrument available for delivery (delivery-based) without the need of setting twin symbols. Normally, it requires the dedication of additional resources to maintain such solution.

“Seeing constant demand for such ability among partnering brokers, PFSOFT combined both cash and margin trading for the same instrument underlier (symbol),” the developer noted, adding that the new function will result in brokers’ offering more efficient intraday trading services and amplification of traders’ turnover thanks to lowered margin required.

When placing an order with a Protrader broker, traders will have the option to choose whether the transaction to be intraday or delivered. Those who choose the new function will be able to trade on the same instrument with two types of positions – intraday and delivered. This function is available even when they have two separate positions.

Protrader features a wide selection of tools for multi-asset trading, including forex, equities, bonds, futures, contracts for difference (CFDs), options and spread betting. It is used by brokerages, white label and technology providers, local marketplaces, funds and proprietary trading companies.

Poland-based PFSOFT is a provider of professional trading technology and solutions to brokers, banks, and exchanges. In addition to Protrader, it is also the developer of Protrader Multi-Connect (PTMC), a trading platform for forex and contracts for difference (CFDs). The software company serves clients from across the world, including in North America, Australia, Asia, Great Britain, Poland, and South Africa.

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