Fintech Lykke supports integration of solutions with other platforms

Fintech Lykke supports integration of solutions with other platforms

Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.


Swiss fintech Lykke said on Wednesday it has launched Lykke Accelarator, a tool that enables its open-source platform and apps to get integrated to existing products, turn-key wallets and digital products to exchange.

The fintech is seeking partners which to help it bring the new service to new markets.

“The Lykke Accelerator is an exciting step,” said Richard Olsen, founder and CEO of Lykke and former CEO of OANDA. “We’ve spent the last year building a world-class platform, and now we want other companies to get the benefits of our work. Fintech startups and existing financial institutions can integrate the Lykke suite of products to offer their customers a seamless experience, where trades settle in minutes and safety is increased,” he added.

Swiss-based Lykke is the developer of a global blockchain-powered marketplace. Its platform offers currencies and many different types of trading assets. The exchange allows trades to take place between wallets at no fees. The Lykke wallet is an open-source app for iOS and Android that lets customers sign up using Lykke’s KYC and support, transfer money in, purchase and trade assets, and transfer money away. The wallet holds the customer’s assets, protecting them in case anything happens to the exchange, and the customer retains the 12-word password that controls the wallet. Lykke will add customer branding and new features as desired.

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