Poland’s KNF warns against CFD1000 forex broker

Poland’s KNF warns against CFD1000 forex broker

Poland’s financial markets and services regulator KNF has warned that the forex broker CFD1000 is not licensed to offer services in the country.

The publication on the regulator’s site is listed in the section “Notices on suspicion of committing a crime under Art. 178 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments”, i.e. conducting brokerage activities without the permission of the Financial Supervision Authority and the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw is looking into the matter.

KNF notes CFD1000 is registered in Dominica.

According to the site of the broker, however, even though the brand is owned by CFD1000, billing is done by billing by Blonde Bear OU, an Estonian company that also operates the brokerages Mib700 and Cac400.

Italy’s CONSOB has already warned against those two, while UK’s FCA has warned against CFD1000.

There has also been a warning against Blonde Bear OU as well – by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority, which says the company is not licensed. According to the Estonian regulator, the company offers the possibility to trade different derivatives through web pages https://www.cac400.com/, https://www.vortexassets.com/ and https://www.vix500.com/.

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