Bitcoin wallet app Bread launches Bitcoin purchases with credit card

Bitcoin wallet app Bread launches Bitcoin purchases with credit card

Bread, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet application, announced it is launching international purchases of Bitcoin with credit cards.

In partnership with Simplex, Bread promises its clients same day delivery of the coins and high purchase limits: $20k per day and $50k per month.

The new purchase option will be added to the existing ones: ACH transfer in the US, and in-person purchases through ATMs and convenience stores in multiple countries. There is no word of the fees, however, Bread notes that its clients are more concerned about speed of delivery, rather than the fess, because of the high price volatility of Bitcoin in the past few months.

“With Bread, your bitcoin is delivered directly into the safety of your personal wallet, where you alone control the private keys. You get the service of an exchange without taking unnecessary risks”, the company said. “As we expand, we will offer a broad set of financial services that enable you to use digital assets seamlessly in your daily life, and this is one more step in that direction.”

Bread is owned by the Zurich-based company Breadwallet LLC and last year secured a $7 million investment in venture capital. The wallet is available in 150 countries across the world. Roughly one-third of its customers are based in North America, but it also has a lot of clients in Japan.

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