Thieves steal 21 bitcoin mining rigs through door left open for ventilation

Thieves steal 21 bitcoin mining rigs through door left open for ventilation

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Thieves stole 21 cryptocurrency mining rigs from an industrial building in Blagoevgrad – a town in southwestern Bulgaria, report local media, quoting the town prosecutor’s office.

The devices were set up in an industrial building on the edge of town, in a warehouse rented by three individuals. The investigation found that the premises did not have an air conditioning system and the door has been left open to provide some cooling and ventilation to the rigs. It is a well-known fact that the mining rigs produce a lot of heat and require additional cooling. Some media report that the three thieves have managed to silence the alarm system and disable the CCTV, before making off with the rigs.

According to the local newspaper Struma, the rigs were the private property of three individuals, with one owning 14 of them. Reportedly, there were “many more” mining rigs in the same warehouse, but the thieves did not manage to steal them all. The heist took place last Saturday evening and was discovered on the following day by the rig owners.

The rigs, reportedly Antminer S9, were worth over EUR 100 000, with one costing over EUR 7000 new. Our check revealed that right now the Antminer store has a discount campaign for those and one sells for $2400. The original price was $4000.  At Bitmain one costs $2320.

The investigation is continuing.

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