ShapeShift teams up with to let conversion between BTC and BCH

ShapeShift teams up with to let conversion between BTC and BCH

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ShapeShift, the Swiss cryptocurrency exchange allowing instant swapping between various cryptocurrencies, announced it has teamed up with to allow its wallet users to instantly exchange Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash and vice versa.

The new option is available under the ShapeShift icon in the “Services” menu of the wallet. The exchange procedure is simple and intuitive and does not require much effort. All one needs is to have either BCH or BTC in their wallet and to toggle the shifting feature.

‎“ has worked hard to make itself a comprehensive resource for the Bitcoin and ‎blockchain communities. Offering their ‎wallet users the ability to shift between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash within the comfort of their ‎wallet is a great success and we are happy to offer the services to make this feature possible,” said Erik Voorhees, CEO and Founder of ShapeShift.

“This partnership with ShapeShift makes it simple for anyone to convert their Bitcoin to ‎Bitcoin Cash, or vice versa,” commented CEO Roger Ver. “Shapeshift is an ideal exchange: it’s fast, easy, and requires no personal information — Integrating ShapeShift into the Wallet further increases the value proposition we strive to bring to our wallet users,” he added. is a portal offering all things Bitcoin, including news, price charts, a wallet, forum, games, knowledge base and educational content and other resources. Since its launch, the wallet has had 1.7 million downloads.

ShapeShift is an exchange that offers instant conversion between cryptocurrencies. In addition to the major ones, it also supports a lot of smaller altcoins.

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