BetComets Casino Review (2023)

BetComets Casino Review (2023)

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BetComets Casino is a modern looking online casino that takes an alternative approach which may not seems all too welcome considering that they obstruct users, limiting them to play by the casino’s rule. This approach is definitely not what most clients will ask for so you may want to read the review before investing here.


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For those of you expecting bonuses and gameplay boosts, we are the harbingers of bad news. As far as we see there are absolutely no bonuses at all, despite there being mentions about bonuses and wagering in the terms and conditions. There are no bonuses revealed on the home page, no separate bonus page, not even small bonus windows.

The only thing we can think of as hopeful thinking is that bonuses are, perhaps, revealed only to registered users, which to us is a mistake and not the correct way of handling an online casino.

As of yet, we are still to bear witness to a welcome bonus, any cashbacks, a VIP program, Tournaments, or any other bonuses so common with 99% of online casinos. This is a major miss by BetComets Casino.


BetComets Casino is a brand by BlackSands B.V. a firm incorporated under the laws of Curacao and licensed by the Government of Curacao, under a Gaming Curacao license, as seen below:


Let’s get the big picture out of the way, and then focus on the more peculiar side of BetComets Casino. For one, this license is a great and solid pointer to the level of security and safety employed by the casino in order to keep the user’s money and data out of harm’s way. All clinet are kept in check, while outside threats are curbed easily. It’s incredibly safe to deal with Curacao based online casinos, and so isthe case with BetComets Casino.

Another major requirement set by this and other Curacao licenses is to offer a 100 percent fair and unbiased casino experience. By this we mean that all games are completely based on luck as they should be, and as they are in any normal physical casino. This is ensured by random number generator software that keeps all outcomes random and unpredictable, as it should be.

BetComets Casino, and all other licensed casinos, have policies and strategies that ensure all responsible gambling actions are taken seriously, We are referring to the need to provide help to users that are gambling addicts, or to, at least, redirect these sensitive clients to a third part clinic that specializes in these matters.

Last but not least, the casino must offer an impeccable customer support services, as this is a big requirement set by the casino. It is crucial to be able to answer all questions and to be friendly to all users. It’s a sign that the casino respects its clientele.

If we can speak of a general disadvantage to Curacao licensed casinos, it would be the present stigma felt about these types of casinos, due to the long gone past of Curacao as a shady jurisdiction. Since those day the nation has redeemed itself on multiple occasions and has proven to the worked that it can handle online casinos, proven by the enormous amount of online casinos one finds today in Curacao. So, users should not be worried about what some people say about Curacao; they are simply not up to date on their facts.

In fact, Curacao can only bring positive elements to the casino experience. These casinos can reach larger audience, have the full right to offers thousands of additional games, more providers, and more bonuses, all resulting in a better and more entertaining online casino experience.

Now turning to the crypto element. There are certain sides to the casino that suggest it being a crypto exclusive casino, while the terms and conditions, as we shall see in the payment page, refer to a different tale. If the casino really is crypto-based that would mean that BetComets Casino is burned by a constant risk factor that makes all deposits risky. Cryptos are inherently volatile and unpredictable meaning that your money held at BetComets Casino, if it’s in crypto, can change in value. However, we cannot be sure what the casino offers, since the crypto aspect to it has not been well developed or explained, and it can be confusing at times to such a degree that we are left in the dark.

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In the terms and conditions we are told that the user can invest by means of debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfer. There is no mention of crypto payment methods, despite the fact that many signs within the site point to a crypto focused casino experience. In fact, we were surprised to find out mentions of standard payment methods, seeing that most info points to a crypto experience. But there isn’t a ton of information, even if the casino states that there is a separate dedicated payment page. There is, in fact, no such page, and it the casino has mislead users.

Overall, we cannot know what the payment methods are for sure. But we do know that BetComets Casino encourages users to purchase crypto. So here’s our theory: the client has advertised those payment methods in the terms and conditions as ways to purchase crypto; however, an account can only be kept in digital coins. So, the the payment methods are actually disguised crypto wallets. But this is only a theory.

It may not be true, since the casino states that certain payment methods my take longer than others, which usually refers to local and international banking transactions.

Please note that even though BetComets Casino does not apply any payment fees, it is a common occurrence to have payment system fees issued by the payment providers, including cryptocurrency wallets. This fee is payable by you and not covered by the casino. Also, there may be currency conversion fees.

All deposits have to be rolled over at least once prior to withdrawing. This is one of the most common requirements, and it must be noted that it is not connected to the bonuses, not that BetComets Casino offers any bonuses. So, it seems that this is the only deposit playthrough requirement. Without completing this one there is no way to actually make a withdrawal.


A highlight of BetComets Casino is its great selection of games, even though it is rather average in scale and quality. Nevertheless, the games are great and there is enough here to keep clients entertained for a long time. Moreover, the casino emphasizes organization which makes the whole experience much better, and easier to go through, not to mention much less of a hassle to find a specific gaming type or title.

The video slots are varied, offering great popular title and more average ones. There’s Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Sugar Rush, Madame Destiny Megaways, Big Bass games, Starlight Princess, and others. The presence of variety is a great for all users, and this way many obscure games can get their time in the spotlight. There’s also some Megaways titles, which are very popular variations of slot allowing the client to play on more reels with bigger and more numerous pay lines. Overall a great selection of video slot games.

Next we have the live and table games, which include many variations of Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Cards, Lottery, and Poker games, both live and non-live ones, for both types of players. There’s also a virtual sports betting section, where users can place bets on fully digitized and randomized virtual sorting events like Football, Dog Racing, Car Racing, Virtual Tennis, Horse Racing, Virtual Basketball, and Moto Racing. Quite the VR reality to be honest, offering a great alternative to your normal slots or table games.

There is also a focus on lottery games, which is a rush to be a part of considering the jackpot amounts. So here’s another great set of alternatives offered by BetComets Casino.

Last but not least, we have the “Casual” or “Instant” games, which include Crash games, Plinko, Fishing, and similar titles. These are great alterative and are also gambling games that are quite interesting to be a part.

The casino states that some games can be played with cryptocurrencies, which means that the user has to have active digital coins in his accounts. There’s isn’t a ton of information on these games, but we do know that certain titles are crypto friendly, even crypto-exclusive.

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We haven’t changed our opinion since the introduction: BetComets Casino is not for everyone, and is definitely a very niche casino. Notably, it can be difficult to get into since there is a lot of unclear information about it, while what it offers on the table is average at best. So, think twice before you jump here since it may not be for you.

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