FoxyPlay Casino Review (2023)

FoxyPlay Casino Review (2023)

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FoxyPlay Casino is a casino that is expected to be a big and entertaining ride for users, with tons of features and things to do. It is yet to launch but from what we have seen FoxyPlay Casino will be solid. Read on to see what we expect from this one.


Currently, there are no bonuses we can talk about at this state, since the casino is yet to officially launch. But we can shoot in the dark and talk about some of the potential bonuses and bonus types FoxyPlay Casino could offer.

Welcome Bonus: This is the most common of all bonuses and the perfect introductory bonuses for new users. Usually its something like the following: Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $500, at times with free spins. Bonus T/C apply as with all other bonuses.

Reload Bonus: This is the common bonus for returning users and those that have completed the welcome bonuses. Some casinos offer them once or twice a week, which for an average punter can be enough. Usually it can be quite similar to the welcome bonus.

Crypto Bonus: This is a crypto bonus that relies on crypto investments and at times specially chosen games. So it’s not quite as popular as other bonuses, but still widespread enough to be considered for any new online gambling platform.

Free Spins Bonus: These types of bonuses are usually one that grant the client spins in return for a certain minimum deposit. There are crucial wagering requirements that are attached to the FS profit and not the free spins or the deposit themselves.

Sports Bonuses: This type of bonus us usually applied to casinos that offer sportsbooks, usually offering a bonus to your bets but also some requirements based on the minimum odds at which you should  place a bet.

VIP: This is a classic addition to most online casinos, as is a very good stimulus for users to play. The more you do so the higher the VIP level, and the better the rewards.

Tournaments: These are events where users a pitted against teach other in timed competitions on slots or other games. The users with the highest scores get the top prizes, which can range to the tens of thousands of dollars.


Foxyplay is an online casino that will be launched at the beginning of September 2023.

Foxyplay will be operating under Curacao license, and it will be available in different geos such as Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Italy, and Ukraine.

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The best part about the casino is that it is regulated in Curacao. That is basically a stamp of approval and security form one of the top license issuers in the world.

For starters, a Curacao license entails the top levels of security and safety known to casino industry players. The casino is thus responsible of implementing various measure to ensure all user money and personal funds are kept safe and sound away from bad actors. There are a number of ways to do so, not limited to data security and SSL encryption software, safety policies, severe KYC document procedures, and more.

Another major responsible of all Curacao licensed casinos is the utmost guarantee of fair and unbiased gameplay mechanics. We are referring to the luck factor; all games have to be based on pure uninhibited chance, otherwise what’s the point of it all? FoxyPlay Casino integrates the top random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that each game’s outcome is random and arbitrary, and that no users’ interests are placed above others’.

The third major requirement as part of the holy trinity is the prevention and detection of problematic gambling. All users must be kept safe from this sickness, and if any client starts showing signs, the casino can curb the behavior, or if the symptoms are too serious then the only solution is to contact the relevant authorities. These are third party clinics and gambling addiction prevention sources, and they are just a click away form the casino website.

Then there’s the requirement to provide customer support services, which is also a massive rule for all casino to abide by. At times it can be these customer support folk that represent the casino, and they can easily mold or break the relationship the platform has with its clients. So a degree of professionalism is required.

A major benefit for casino regulated in Curacao is the degree of freedom allowed. These casinos are not limited by provisional means to offer more games, better bonuses, and more game suppliers. In fact, the best casinos we have seen as Curacao based, with thousands of games, at times hundreds of providers, and dozens of bonuses, not to mention regularly updated tournaments and special events.

Let’s get the one negative out of the way, which at this point is more of a nuisance than an actual attribute. We are talking about the stigma the jurisdiction still has around its offshore status, being an island nation and all. It’s out of the question that Curacao lives by that old code of law. The nation has integrated all the best techniques and behavioral patters to distance itself from that, and so these skeptics need a new lesson on the country’s ability to regulate casinos. Just the sheer number of new Curacao casinos is enough to change your mind.


As of yet, we are left with no payment information. However, the casino does feel like it would be a big one so, we suppose that there will be a ton of payment methods, including the ever popular ones like credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, popular e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
Please note that cryptocurrencies are tied to the fluctuating crypto industry and so all payments and holdings in these are always volatile and unpredictable.

We expect there to be at least payment system fees, as well as currency exchange commissions. To be honest, not many casinos include payment fees from them, and so we don’t really anticipate FoxyPlay Casino to have them.

As for the core deposit and withdrawal processes, what we expect is as follows: We think that deposits will be instant or up to 1 day, while withdrawals will probably take up to 3 days to process. Minimum deposits are usually in the $10-20 range. Meanwhile, the maximum and minimum withdrawal entirely depend on the casino and there are no real averages.


There are no mention of games of game supplier as of yet, but the hype that we feel about the casino seems to point to a great selection once it launches.

Of course, we expect there to be a solid collection of video slots, with both the most popular titles and some not so much. The mix should be enough to provide variety for all sorts of users, but it also needs to cover certain requirements like a selection of expected popular games. It is also expected to offer different games, by what we mean games that are thematically separate from one another, games that can easily distinguished in their style and approach from other titles. This guarantees that there would be a diversification of games and that attracts a larger audience.

As for live games and table games, it is expected from every casino to have these. At the very least some table games like Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack should be included. However, live casino games are a very welcome addition, and we are yet to see a great casino that does not include them. In fact, non-live table games are placed behind live titles since live ones are much more popular, not to mention so much more exciting. So, if FoxyPlay Casino wants to have a chance at being competitive it needs these live games.

Adding some alternative “Instant” games like Plinko or Crash games is also a great way to attract more niche audiences that can then turn to the casino’s other features. You see? The more games and types you have the larger the audience you can potentially attract, and we would like to see FoxyPlay Casino adhere to this principle.

We might be in for a sports betting platform as well, but we are yet to know anything. Sports betting software or sportsbooks are a revolutionary new addition to online casinos. In and of themselves, these are not new, but their integration as part of online casinos are recent, and incredibly exciting, as they add a whole new layer for users that can result in thousands of additional hours. So, FoxyPlay Casino would be benefiting greatly from such a platform.

As for the gaming providers, the more there are the better. It’s a case where quantity meets quality, and so it would be great if FoxyPlay Casino offered as much gaming suppliers as it can.


Without a launch or a website we cannot be entirely sure that what we suppose about the FoxyPlay Casino platform will come to fruition. But still, the casino might explode into the scene as others have in the past. For now we can get our hopes up.

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