Slotowl Casino Review (2023)

Slotowl Casino Review (2023)

Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.


Slotowl Casino is an anticipated casino that has a lot of promise based on a previous brand by the same firm, but in this industry new brands can change entirely at the snap of one’s fingers. So, even if we try our best to give as much info as we can based mainly on the other brand, we cannot be 100% sure that Slotowl Casino will behave in the same way. Only time will tell, but our hunch tells us that Slotowl will be exceptional. For now, read all the info we were able to muster.


As of writing this there really is nothing in terms of bonuses we can talk about, and that’s because the current casino has not yet launched. So, the bonuses remain a complete mystery, for now. However, we do have something to work with here, and that is the sister casino, a brand owned by the same parent firm that own Slotowl Casino. In this other casino, we have oinly one bonus, albeit pretty big and expansive.

We refer to the Free Spins Deposit Bonus of 7000 Spins, which comprises a package of 4 separate deposit bonuses: a First Free Spins Deposit Bonus of 200%, and a Second, Third, and Fourth Free Spins Deposit Bonus of 100%.

But this is the other casino as for this one we have nothing to work with, but from the looks of it one can anticipate a similar welcome package, at the very least. What worries us is the rest of the bonuses. Will Slotowl Casino offer any reload bonuses, or weekend boosts, or sportsbook bet enhancer, bet boosters, bonuses? What about live casino welcome packages or reload bonuses? It may take a completely different approach from what we expect, or it may take the familiar route. We will see soon enough.


Despite the lack of information, we know for a fact the Slotowl Casino is owned and operated by a company called Frenwall Limited, that has three brands currently under its name, one officially launched already, while two in the making: Slotowl Casino is one of those two.

Frenwall Limited is an Estonia-regulated holding firm, registered in the site of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, and regulated by the board, as this is the official license issuer for casinos in the country. The domain of the regulator was already registered on the board’s website. Meaning that even before launch the current casino is already regulated, albeit in not the most popular or practical location, but still legitimized under a fair set of rules that guarantee the safety of users as well as the fair treatment of clients.

If you want more proof, the we find the parent firm’s being included in the Register of Economic Activities; that’s where we find the following

But this is no regulator, only a register, however it does reveals that the firm has gambling permits as you can see from the table above. Not to mention that the sister brand is also regulated by the Estonian Tax and Customs Boar, so we have substantial evidence that Slotowl Casino is fully regulated. Readers should rest assured that the legal part, and the most important one in fact, has been take care of.

Unfortunately, we cannot say that Estonia is the best place for online casino to operate in, let alone thrive. Yes, the regulatory practices are solid and there are no risks associated with Estonian regulated online gambling platforms, but the Baltics in general have not been the most preferred location for casinos, at least for now; who’s to say that in a couple of years time the zone won’t become a casino hotspot.

Also, this license points to one important thing concerning the casino; that it will most probably target local or Scandinavian players, since this location is perfect for tapping into those lucrative markets. But with a focus on these markets, the list of restricted territories may prove to be expansive.

If you want to talk serious licenses, then you cannot omit to mention the Malta Gaming Authority and any of the 4 major licenses issued by the jurisdiction of Curacao. Both have in place the best safety, security, and fairness practices you can expect, but Curacao goes a step further, as it also offers an unprecedented amount of freedom to its casinos; freedom clearly expresses in these casinos’ looks, offers, and sheer sizes. It take sonly minutes to notice how much bigger and, frankly, better Curacao casinos are from the rest. The Malta Gaming Authority, although not as liberal, still offers a good amount of liberty to its casinos, but it is curtailed by EU legislatives.


As of now we have no information on the payment conditions by Slotowl Casino, but we can paint a picture based on the sister brand. But of course readers should take this with a grain of salt because in truth sister brands can go in two ways. They can either head to the direction where both brands paly out the same with only the visuals being the big differences, or the brands can differ entirely with only the parent firm being the only discernible link.

The other brand offers Credit cards, Debit cards, AstroPay, MiFinity, Jeton, and Revolut, which is a great choice, offering almost all players a chance to invest. The minimum deposit there is €20, so obviously we expect the same minimum value from Slotowl.

As for the other payment conditions, we don’t want to take from the other brand because it will turn to a review of that sister casino.

In a perfect worls, all deposits and withdrawals are instant and free of charge, and many casinos offer only half of this, which is still great. We refer to the fee half of that, meaning that most casinos out there offer free deposits and withdrawals. However, they make no compromise when it comes down to withdrawal processing times, the average being up to 3 days, but that can increase to 5 or even 7 days at times.

As for the fees, rarely do we see any casino commissions for payments, but they do occur once and a while. But the fees that our readers should look out for are the payment system ones, those that are concerned with the payment methods themselves, which are out of the hands of the casino. There also may be currency conversion charges depending on the casino’s own base currencies and the clients jurisdiction and currency in which he holds his funds outside the casino.


Again, we remind readers that nothin is yet set in stone, so the following details are mostly take from the sister casino of Slotowl, but is should reflect what the current platform plans on doing.

Based on the sister brand, we expect three major gaming additions included. These are video slots, live games, and a big old sports betting platform.

The slots in the other casino are over 3000, with huge games like Gonzo’s Quest, Gates of Olympus, Sugar Rush, Legacy of Dead, and more being included, with other big names as well. 3000 games means that there is pretty much at least one game for any type of taste out there. So, we are expecting to see the same dedication to variety with Slotowl Casino once it launches.

The live casino section on the sister brand offers Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and more, which is to say that the live catalogue of titles is also varied enough to satisfy the average client. Again, it would be great to see the same variety with Slotowl, if not more. We can think of Spin the Wheel games, live Monopoly, and why not even a whole section of offline table games?

And finally the sportsbook, a betting platform that doubles the amount of content and time a user stays in a casino, making this the new contemporary must-have addition. It’s good to see that the other casino brand has included it, as well as an e-sport section, giving us hope that the current brand will probably also include said feature. The sportsbook offers so much more content that it is slowly becoming a staple for casino platforms due to its popularity with clients.

And yet, users should not be too excited because on the end you never know what the casino will really offer its clients. All the gaming types we have revealed in this section sound great and very promising, but what happens if the casino decides to take a completely different rout? It may turn out to be completely deferent, for better or worse. Personally we think that Slotowl Casino has a reputation to uphold so we think that it will also include these types of games.


It’s too early to teel, but we think that Slotowl Casino is going to be a solid online casino, not especially impressive or out-of-the-box but a good contemporary casino that caters towards novices and experts alike. The other brand paints a good picture, and the horizon seems golden. We suggest to our readers to keep an eye out for this casino.

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