Invast Securities’ revenue and client deposits drop in March

Invast Securities’ revenue and client deposits drop in March


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Invast Securities (TYO:8709), one of the major Japanese forex brokers, reported a drop both in its operating revenue and its client deposits in March 2016.

According to the results, Invast’s operating revenue dropped 7.7% over the month – from JPY 375 million in February to JPY 346 million in March. At the same time the total amount of deposited margin in March was JPY 70 billion – a negligent decrease of 0.2% from February. The March results are the worst since the beginning of the year, both in terms of revenue and client deposits.

Compared to March last year Invast had a mixed performance. The operating revenue in the third month of 2016 fell 15%, compared to March 2015, when it was JPY 407 million. The client deposits, however, rose by 0.4%.

In comparison, in February Invast Securities’ revenue rose from January, while the client deposits continued to fall.

Nevertheless, Invast’s performance is in tune with the global March trend. Most of the leading forex brokers reported a drop in their metrics, as well as the Japanese forex brokers. They reported an overall 26% decrease in their trading volume from retail over-the-counter (OTC) operations.

Invast Group was established in 1960 and is based in Tokyo. It has entities regulated by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JSFA) in Japan. Its branch in Australia – Invast Financial Services, is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). It is one of the largest multi-asset brokerage firms in Japan, offering forex and CFDs trade.

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