Japanese forex brokers’ trading volume drops 26% in March

Japanese forex brokers’ trading volume drops 26% in March


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Japanese forex brokers’ trading volumes from retail over-the-counter (OTC) operations in March 2016 reached a combined JPY 439.8 trillion (around $4 trillion), decreasing 26% from February, when they were 594 trillion, shows a report of the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ). It is based on the data, provided by all of its 53 members.

The most significant decrease in trading volumes was posted by the USD/JPY currency pair, which fell by 31.4%, while the most significant increase – of nearly 39% – was posted by the EUR/USD pair. Other significant decreases were posted by the GBP/JPY pair – almost 30% – and the AUD/JPY pair – down 24%.

In its report the FFAJ notes that in March were observed a continuing trend of stronger yen, lower market volatility and relatively stable exchange rate, compared to February.

The data for the overall performance of the FFAJ members is in tune with the individual reports of the largest Japanese forex brokers, such as GMO Click Securities and FX Prime and Monex.

The data, reported to the FFAJ by the 8 binary options brokers in the organization shows that the trading volume of binary options in Japan in March amounted to JPY 40.36 billion and dropped 21.9% from February. Compared to March 2015, the decrease was nearly 29%.

The trading payment and the number of active accounts with the binary options brokers also fell over the month – by 3.6% and 6.4%, respectively.

The more intriguing part of the FFAJ report on the binary options brokers is the profit and loss ratio of their customers. For example, nearly 77% of the clients of the largest global broker in terms of volume – GMO Click Securities – lost. The vast majority, 70%, of the clients of the other subsidiary of GMO Click Holdings, FX Prime, also lost. So did 74% of the clients of IG Securities and 78.5% of those of YJ FX.

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