Forex charting platform TradingView allows second-based timeframes

Forex charting platform TradingView allows second-based timeframes

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TradingView, a retail charting tool and a trading platform in one, has released an updated, more utilized and optimized version of its Charting Library, which includes an option for setting up timeframes for a desired time in seconds, the company said last week.

TradingView introduced a number of other improvements and enhancements. Here is a list with all the rest of them:

  • Maximized panes – If you want to focus on a specific pane, simply double-click on a pane to maximize it. You can also do this by clicking maximize/minimize buttons in the right top corner of a pane.
  • Customized default settings for a graphic object – You can change settings of a drawing object to save them as new defaults.
  • New symbol info dialog – Show as many details for users as they need: symbol name, description, category, exchange, session info and much more.
  • Custom colors for markers on bars – Markers can now be used to display info on a specific interval of a chart. You can choose any RGB color for markers.
  • An attribute to show last bar values – Use the attribute ‘price_scale_always_last_bar_value’ to show actual last bar values instead of the last visible barvalues
  • Offset from UTC for various time zones – Time zone offset is now displayed on charts.
  • Cursor movement events – Easier interaction with chart. If you subscribe to ‘crossHairMoved’ event, you can get info about price and date/time on the point where the cursor is located. It can be very useful if you want to display additional info on specific intervals.
  • Configurable delay after a character is typed into symbol search field and before it actually starts searching.
  • Configurable delay before onAutoSaveNeeded event triggers.
  • Feature that disables/enables Compare or Add Symbol buttons on chart.
  • Advanced settings for the Moving Average indicator.
  • Feature that allows to limit max. number of indicators on chart.
  • Feature for deactivating time zones menu.
  • Language files are significantly reduced in size for the charting library.
  • Requests to external resources, which decrease performance, are excluded.

The update also features some bug fixes, including content and performance corrections and improvements of the platform’s interface.

TradingView develops tools, used by traders to get real-time information, market news and insights. It defines itself as an advanced financial visualization platform  where investors can share trade ideas or browse others’ ideas and learn from more experienced traders.

The platform provides free access to a wide range of trading instruments, among which forex, Bitcoin, stocks, futures, all major indices, and contracts for difference (CFDs). In April, it started offering real-time and intraday data from India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), shortly afterexpanding its offering from the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

TradingView features customizable charts, including more advanced ones, as well as more than 50 drawing tools that can be used for understanding and analyzing the financial markets. It is web-based and uses HTML5 charts. Its charts work on all browser and operating systems. Earlier this year, TradingView integrated TradingTicket’s TradeIt mobile technology into its real-time chart components, making its products available on mobile devices.

Charting technology companies have been gaining momentum in the recent past. ChartIQ, another charting tool used by brokers to offer to traders, recently raised $4.0 million in a Series A funding to finance its development. Four large investors took part in the funding – lead investor Illuminate Financial, a venture capital firm, and existing investors ValueStream Labs and Tribeca Angels, in addition to some angel investors. In November 2014, ChartIQ raised another $850,000 from ValueStream Labs, Tribeca Angels, and Social Leverage in another fundraising campaign.

Source: TradingView

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