Japan’s OTC retail margin forex trading volume rose 50% over the quarter

Japan’s OTC retail margin forex trading volume rose 50% over the quarter

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The retail margin forex trading volume of Japan’s forex brokers rose 50.2% in the last quarter of the financial year that ended on March 31, shows the statistic report of the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ), released on Tuesday. It reached JPY1.5 quadrillion, up from JPY 1 quadrillion in the preceding quarter ending on December 31, 2015, which posted a 31% drop from Q2.

The on-exchange margin forex volumes rose 60.4%, also to JPY 1.5 quadrillion, up from JPY 9.4 quadrillion in the preceding quarter.

At the same time the trading volume of financial futures contracts for the quarter increased by 34.1% for on-exchange, and increased by 49.8% for OTC when compared with the previous quarter. The significant growth of OTC transaction was mostly due to the increase of the margin Forex trading, but, according to the FFAJ, overall the financial futures market remained weak in the period.

While the trading volume of the foreign exchange futures transactions in the overseas exchanges and the trading volume of over-the-counter options transactions grew, the trading volume of option transaction in overseas exchange fell by 63.8% from the previous term.

Over the same period the number of forex brokers members of the FFAJ was 52, out of 142 members who reported results.

The overall performance of Japan’s forex brokers in the last quarter of FY 2016 has been a mixed bag, as reported by SMN. While January and February were rather strong, in March they reported a 26% drop in trading volumes.

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