TradingView adds chart shortcuts for easier use

TradingView adds chart shortcuts for easier use

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The TradingView financial charting tool and trading platform has added new shortcuts that improve the users’ interaction with charts.

The improvements allow cloning a graphical object by pointing the mouse cursor on a drawn object and dragging it, while holding the CTRL key. Making a circle out of an ellipse is done by selecting the Ellipse option on the drawing toolbar, putting its first point on chart and defining a second point do define the diameter of the circle, while pressing the SHIFT key. Similarly, users can make a square out of a rectangle by selecting the Rectangle tool from the drawing toolbar and putting two points to define the diagonal of the square.

There is also a shortcut for drawing a multiple of a 45 degrees angle, working with the Trend Line, Trend Angle, Disjoint Angle, Flat Top/Bottom, Ray, Parallel Channel charts. It is done by selecting a trend object on the drawing toolbar, for example a Trend Line, putting a first point on chart and, while holding the SHIFT key, move to cursor to choose an angle.

Recently TradingView has expanded its offering by adding real-time data from the London Stock Exchange, two leading Indian stock exchanges and the Poloniex bitcoin exchange. It has also allowed second-based timeframes and has started a partnership with Oanda.

TradingView is one of the major providers of charting tools and real-time market data. It offers a wide array of features, drawing tools, technical indicators, technical analysis tools, etc. It also provides a trading platform, used by more than 1 million active traders who use the social trading tools to share and discuss ideas and strategies. TradingView offers charting widgets for embedding free real-time quoting and charts, free charting library, front-end trading terminal and publishing and social tools.

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